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Hello everyone, due to my recent post, I thought I would start to investigate some businesses that I come across by phoning them up and I wanted to publicly thank a taxi company in Birmingham and an industrial heating company in Staffordshire for helping to take care of our futures and doing everything they can to try and change their business into one that thanks the environment and doesn’t make it suffer. Basically, I phoned up 20 some random businesses to see whether or not they know about how powerful it is to take care of the environment to ensure our future and it turns out… two businesses new out of the 20 business I called! That is just ridiculous, I thought at least 5 businesses would know but only two businesses could actually tell me that they are doing everything they can to prevent harm to the environment!

Eighteen businesses explained to me today that they did not know what I was going on about when I asked them questions on what damage is being done, it is crazy! Why wouldn’t you want to look after the most precious thing that exists… our life? People need to stop and think about not only their future, but their children’s future and their children’s future and so on! More and more businesses should be trying to figure out new ways they can change and help the environment! If every single business did their bit, the future for our future children would be exciting but instead, it is scary.

Be that business who sets the example to the others! Show that the environment means everything and make your business shine!

Honey, where’s that bike pump?

Business in Birmingham, stock photo

Hello everyone, got somewhere to be in the morning? If you are thinking of driving or you are just about to get into your nice warm car… just wait a second and read this post! The environment is as bad as it gets at the minute so getting in your car and driving that short distance really won’t help it any more! So, why don’t you get on that bike you keep locked away in the shed?

Just go get it and let that be your vehicle to work for the rest of the week!Why not? It would make you feel so much better and it would help the environment out too, what could be better, it’s a no brainer!

When you do exercise, your body lets off endorphins which naturally make you feel good! If you ever need a pick-me-up, just get on your bike and head off to your destination, it will make you feel so much better than just driving! Even if it is raining, it is exciting and really gives you a buzz! Who cares if it messes your hair up? Who cares if you get a little wet by the time you get to your destination? You can always take an extra pair of clothes in a bag so that you can change afterwards!

I have heard every single excuse under the sun as to why some people can’t bike to work but it turns out, i have an answer for every excuse! Do something good today and make yourself feel better on the inside and on the outside whilst helping our environment at the same time. Our environment needs as much help as it possibly can and we have the power to help it and get fit and healthier at the same time! We all share the same environment, lets do this and stick together! Our future depends on it!

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