Airport Transport and the Alternatives

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The airport transfers in Birmingham could be done by five alternatives, if however you decide to use a local company be sure to check for reviews. Walking, cycling, road, rail, and bus can be the choices. Car and motorcycle are able to go with two hours driving time while train will be the fastest route to go. It is because the train has a connection to the Birmingham International Station. It takes two minutes only to get the airport.

This is the air-rail link solution for anyone who needs it. To go there by bus, you have two options to stop. You can stop directly on-site or via the air-rail link. Airport transfers by bus connect three spots in a line, connecting Birmingham City Centre and Coventry, connecting Birmingham City Centre and Solihull, and connecting Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham International Station. Check the bus stops for each connection.


Airport transfers by taxi are available for 24 hours 365 days. The licensed black taxi is available and will help you to get the airport on time and stop directly in front of the entrance door. You could pay by debit and credit card. Make sure to pay based on the fare displayed. Depend on your pick up point, the alternative to go to the airport by bike and foot could be the one to choose. You can check the quiet route to get there. You can do the early booking to get the airport transports.


Birmingham is a big city which considers the public needs about transportation. To avoid the rush hour in certain time, you can check the map from your smartphone to avoid the traffic and find your prefered transport to use. If it is possible to walk, walking could be the faster way to go to the airport. This city keeps noticing the pedestrian need so you can walk safely. Check the route to go before you start to walk!

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