Driving to work?

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Hello there, while you are driving round in your gorgeous sports car… do you know how much damage you are doing? Probably not if you are like most people. But, would you walk more or ride a bike to your destination if you really knew the damage it was causing to our planet? A lot of people have an idea but still don’t do anything about it because they don’t believe it will ever happen… well it will and it will all be because we didn’t listen to the warnings that were given to us and we were idol and just didn’t care enough and before we know it, it will be too late and when that happens, then we will regret it.

What am I on about?

Basically, everytime you travel from your location to your destination, it involves something called a ‘fossil fuel’ now, this process emits gases into the air that affects our environment which then goes on to affect our ozone layer. It is scary what actually happens and it is heartbreaking to think that all we need to do is work together! I see people every day driving to work, popping to the shop in their car, driving their children to school when they could all be walking or cycling… why not? It will protect the environment and ensure your health stays on point, to me, that is a win, win situation! It’s just a shame that so many people don’t see it like that any more and see it more of a chore.

One day, we will all realise… but will it be too late? Act now, you’ll thank your lucky stars you did one day!

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