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Take Care Of Your Trees

Tree Surgery

Over the past months i have been doing a tremendous amount of research on trees and how they effect earth itself. Trees are responsible for absorbing a high % of CO2 output by humans and we simply can not afford to loose them.

I have been speaking with Birmingham Tree Surgeons in recent days they are a team of professional arborists in Birmingham that are committed to making people aware of tree disease, (more…)

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Honey, where’s that bike pump?

Hello everyone, got somewhere to be in the morning? If you are thinking of driving or you are just about to get into your nice warm car… just wait a second and read this post! The environment is as bad as it gets at the minute so getting in your car and driving that short distance really won’t help it any more! So, why don’t you get on that bike you keep locked away in the shed?



Be that business!

Hello everyone, due to my recent post, I thought I would start to investigate some businesses that I come across by phoning them up and I wanted to publicly thank a taxi company in Birmingham and an industrial heating company in Staffordshire for helping to take care of our futures and doing everything they can to try and change their business into one that thanks the environment and doesn’t make it suffer. Basically, (more…)

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Driving to work?

Hello there, while you are driving round in your gorgeous sports car… do you know how much damage you are doing? Probably not if you are like most people. But, would you walk more or ride a bike to your destination if you really knew the damage it was causing to our planet? A lot of people have an idea but still don’t do anything about it because they don’t believe it will ever happen… (more…)